Miscellaneous apps for the classroom

Resources for digital storytelling or digital poetry:

Twine http://twinery.org


Music apps:


(As a science teacher, can be useful to explain waves and oscillation)


Virtual reality

Google Earth VR

Google resources for Education using VR:  https://edu.google.com/products/vr-ar/expeditions/?modal_active=none

Advantages of using VR in the classroom:

  • Presence of mind = more focus
  • Experience, training, perspective and empathy
  • Extending experience to students with mobility issues


Maths and physics

PHET Simulations



Geographic information systems (Maps and layers)

QGIS. Open-source, downloadable software. The user imports his layers or downloaads open-source ones.

Vicmap https://www.victoria.ca/EN/main/online-services/maps.html

Tip: Open the lesson with Google Earth to spark curiosity.


Video games

Assassin’s Creed: Discovery

Designed for education. No combats or missions. Like a guided tour. Designed alongside with educators and historians,

If PS4 and Xbox are not available, you can show a video on Youtube.


Niche: genetics simulation / survival game

Free for schools.


Kerbal Space Program

Launch your own spacecraft and martian probe.

Steep learning curve. $40

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