Podcasting in the classroom

How to / why  use them in the classroom?

  • Get to know your students;
  • Wide variety in content;
  • Present our own learning in podcast form;
  • Form: supports aural learning

Suggestions from our teacher:

Podcasts on Teaching and Learning

Suggestion from my classmates:

Podcasts We Love Why
This American Life
  • Wide range of topics covered.
  • Clever storytelling.
  • They take the time to do in depth stories on important issues, like immigration, refugees, and asylum.
Reasons To Be Cheerful
  • Rare to have a sitting MP do a weekly podcast, in which he is totally personal and earnest.
  • Even though it’s British, it’s relevant for Canada
  • Ed Milliband is hilarious!
The 10 Minute Teacher Podcast
  • Short interviews with educators
  • Hundreds of episodes available, dealing with subject specific and general education topics
Canadian True Crime
  • Focuses on Canadian criminal justice issues
  • Informational and well researched, doesn’t overdramatize or sensationalize
CBC Uncover & Someone Knows Something -true CANADIAN crime

-well researched


-cold cases that still have the potential to be solved

-Davos’ Fingers A chapter by chapter analysis of the A Song of Ice and Fire books. Deep dives into theories and a fun way to explore the books.
  • Fun and interesting science stories with societal implications
  • Hosts are excellent!
Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
  • Interesting speakers
  • In depth interviews
  • Range of topics
My Favorite Murder Funny, interesting look into murder cases across the US and Canada
Canadaland -Canadian media environment

-does not hold back from controversial topics.

The Moth -Authentic, well told stories in hour long segments. Perfect for a run or cleaning the house!
Reply all Amazing stories about the internet
Beautiful Stories from Anonymous People -authentic hour long conversations between an anonymous person and a comedian

– great host (Chris Gethard)

CBC Spark Topical technology news and debates
Geopolitique (France Inter) 3-minute overview of a current geopolitical issue (daily)
Bon appetit foodcast Inspirational food stories
Press Send Life experiences/problems/questions – people write in with questions
99% Percent Invisible -random subject matter

-behind the scenes things you’ve never thought about and how they are made or designed or where the idea came from

-short and quick

-Roman Mars’ voice

The verge podcast Technology news and reviews
Guardian podcasts

-Wide Variety

-Diverse viewpoints

-Current relevant  global issues

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